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Michael Vann, Bow maker

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Bows for all instruments
 of the violin family.

Winner of 17 awards.

Evaluations, Repair, Rehair.
Specialist in all type of
 restoration on bows by
 the masters.
Canadian Bow Maker Michael Vann was trained in New York City in the shop of the world renowned master Bow Maker William Salchow. Since embarking on his career in 1975 he has won six international and more than a dozen Canadian awards for his bows which have been acquired by such notables as Pinchas Zukerman, Amanda Forsyth, Pierre Fournier, Ruggiero Ricci, Steven Dann, James Ehnes, Regis Pasquir, France, Steven Staryk, Canada, Eugene Fodor, USA, Jessica Linnebach, Canada, Sidney Harth, USA, Pieter Schoeman, France, Gwen Hoebig, Canada, Gabriel Magyar, (Hungarian String Quartet), Nikolaj Znaider, Denmark, Lena Neudauer, Germany, Nikki Chooi, Timmy Chooi, The New Brunswick String Quartet (Canada), The Franciscan String Quartet (U.S.A.) The Amernet String Quartet, USA, The Colorado Strings Quartet, (U.S.A.), The Manfred String Quartet. (France), The St. Lawrence String Quartet, Canada, The Miro String Quartet, USA,   The Daedalus String Quartet, USA, just to name a few.

Maestro Pinchas Zuckerman playing
his Michael Vann bow at a
performance in Victoria, BC's Royal
Theatre in 2005.
He is accompanied by the National
Arts Centre Orchestra of which he is
resident conductor.
The 71st edition of the   Orchestre Symphonique de MontrĂ©al Standard Life Competition ended   when16-year-old violinist Timothy Chooi was named the Grand Prize winner. He performed Sibelius Violin   Concerto twice with the OSM: first as part of an   evening concert and earlier the same day, at an open dress rehearsal for   a student audience.
His bow is a Michael Vann.

 Member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
Member The Violin Society of America

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